Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Get in touch with your hips, grapplers! By far, your hips and core are the most essential group of muscles needed in combative sports. So some of you may ask if crunches work. Sure they do, but you need to engage your entire core, which includes your entire torso, hips and glutes. You can engage your core in a variety of ways and methods of exercise, but why not trigger them by utilizing sports specific movements to fit your game. One of the best ways I have found to do so is by utilizing clubs into your S&C routine.

No grapplers, clubs are not juggling pins, they have a real application for prehab, rehab, strength, mobility, and flexibility. As you can tell I'm a big fan of them and have been for many years. You can use light clubs to dynamically stretch and warm up before grappling or you can increase the size and weight to work on your strength training. Indian clubs and gadas have been around for thousands of years and and continue to have a functional purpose - you just need to go out and use them!

Besides, warming up and strength training with clubs the rotational movement in 360 degrees. Using the clubs properly will engage your core and hips and allow you to utilize the full range or movement, and power within them. The clubs create a kinetic chain of energy that starts with your feet and travels up through your hips and core. This can easily translate into better throws, balance and even punches and kicks. Maximum performance means you need to be in touch with the micro and macro movements that  you will be doing and learn how to call upon them when needed.

I may know a fair share about clubs, today I will have to defer to Richard Army McGuire, strength trainer extraordinaire and life long martial artist. I have had the opportunity to speak with Richard via email several times through email over the years and he is insightful, friendly and an encyclopedia of functional training. Check out his tutorial and his club work and get swinging.


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  1. This clearly shows us that martial arts is a comprehensive science. Do excuse things like chi and indian clubs when you see it. Look deeper and break it down.


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