Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The holidays are at an end and so is the dial on your scale. If you've neglected the mats for the excuse of having to shop for a loved one or your kids. That's BS. I have my students practice on their wives, girlfriends, and unsuspecting kids. To go along with that, I don't teach anything I don't do myself - so that means the hug I give my girlfriend before work turns into a body lock takedown to mount that I finish off with a keylock.

Now it's melt your way off the couch and get your lumpy ass on the mat cause we have a wonderful attack from the back for you to try out. Don't thank us, thank Danny Mitchell aka MMA Danny. Danny is the head coach of the Asylum MMA Fight Team located in South Yorkshire, UK and today he shows us a beautiful setup of an inverted triangle from the back

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