Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Victor Koga could very well be the Dan Inosanto of grappling. In layman's terms, he's freakishly good at grappling.

If you haven't heard of the legendary Victor Koga, we feel bad for you. Victor has a diverse grappling repertoire with an upbringing to match. Born in China, in 1935, to a Japanese father and a Russian mother. In his late teens Victor discovered wrestling and a variety of grappling arts which would lead to a lifetime of the gentle arts. In his later twenties he assisted a group of high level sambists tour Japan. The following year, he accepted an invite to train with top Sambo players throughout Russia. He was awarded the prestigious and coveted Master of Sport winning countless championships. He is know as a master of grappling in Sambo, Judo, Wrestling, and Aikisambo.

What most people don't realize is the influence he has had on both Sambo and MMA in Japan and around the world. How so? Well, catch wrester Satoru Sayama (Tiger Mask) studied many arts over the years including Cacc from Gotch and Robinson, Thai boxing from Toshio Fujiwara and sambo from none other than Mr. Koga. Sayama later founded a hybrid style of modern catch named Shoot Wrestling and is also founder of the MMA promotion Shooto.

Boom, just blew your mind.

Currently Mr. Koga is 78 years old and still teaching and kicking ass. Check out these great videos of the Master throwing, cranking and locking his unsuspecting volunteer wearing a tiny Gi he grew out of 15 years ago.

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