Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey, grappling friends.  You might recall we launched a little contest with our brothers in BJJ, Jiu Jitsu Laboratory back in December.  The contest rules were simple - video record yourself doing a favorite BJJ drill and send it over to us.  If you win, you get a bunch of DSTRYR/SG and JJL swag.  Of course, the main prize would be the pride of having your kickass drill broadcast to the BJJ masses.  You'd be famous and would probably get many chicks (or dudes, whatever).  You'd be recognized among your peers as that one guy/girl who sent in his/her BJJ drill video and won a t-shirt that one time.  You might even get a reality series.

We've been collecting entries since December and have decided to extend the contest for a bit longer to give anyone interested a chance to join in on the fun.  And, look at that, our famous buddy, Aesopian BJJ aka Matt Kirtley made his own killer drill video just for us in order to spread the gospel of drilling. 

For those who really want to geek out, here's what Matt had to say on his site about the above video:

Here’s a description of the drills:

1. Spin behind – This is a simple drill which is good for staying on top of side control when your opponent is turning in to you with an underhook. You can also use it to get the harness (or other back control grips) if they turn far enough on their side. I was emphasizing the spin more than taking the back in these reps.

2. Spin behind to kimura grip – Adding to the previous drill by grabbing a kimura grip during the spin. I’m aware that my arm and leg positioning is different than how others teach the spin behind (see Ryan Hall’s Back Attack DVD for an example), but it’s how my teacher Professor Eduardo de Lima always showed it, and it lends itself to grabbing this kimura grip.

3. Spin behind to kimura grip and armbar – The flow continues into an armbar. It’s important that you stretch the elbow away with the kimura grip to stop them from spinning up and pulling their arm out (again a point made in Ryan Hall’s DVD, which he credits to Dave Camarillo). You can see another variation of the spin behind to armbar here.

4. Passing guard to spin behind – You can do this with almost any type of pass, but it works especially well with standing passes that go over the top of the legs. You’ll see a mix of kneeslides, leg drags, bull fighters, x-passes and the like.

5. Crucifix vs bad single leg – This drill has the simple purpose of making you recognize when the arm is vulnerable to being trapped in the crucifix. You could upgrade it by having your partner do a good single leg with the head inside, then sprawling and pushing their head to the outside.

6. Reverse omoplata! – My favorite move ever!

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