Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The only thing more dangerous than a spider larger than my head is Professor Olavo Abreu's simple but deadly triangle setup (also located in Thailand.)

We often joke about the language of grappling, it indeed can be universal. Recently I found myself at a get together for food and drink, mostly with other couple of Russian decent. Of course my inquisitive mind was set on ludicrous speed after a few drinks and somehow we got the the subject of language after someone threw out a joking FU. I stated that it was my goal to learn how to say cheers and thank you in as many languages as possible. I also asked if there was a Russian equivalent to the blatant FU thrown out a few minutes earlier. To my surprise, I learned that there are several levels of FU in the Russian language. I still don't quite understand the levels, but I was promptly told the worse one possible, and then told to repeat it to a group of fellow countrymen sitting a few feet from us. This of course caught everyone off guard, made the room very silent, and I could swear I heard a record make a sudden scratch.

As you could imagine this created a momentary lapse in conversation, but thanks to lots of alcohol and my uncanny ability to pick up inappropriate phrases in other languages, I was able to top off my bad language, with a cheers in of course - Russian.

Now back to the topic at hand. The difference between a BJJ Black Belt and whatever the hell you call what your doing is basically just applying the basics in more advanced manners - for you laymen: it's all in the setup. Much like my skillful use of languages, I don't understand, directed at unsuspecting people.

Learn this beautiful triangle setup with resident Professor of BJJ, Olavo Abreu at Phuket Top Team, and we are sure you will be yelling Porra at all the white belts you tap out this week.

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