Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hey, grapplers. You might recall DSTRYR/SG and The Jiu Jitsu Labortatory teamed up in December to offer up a challenge, a contest if you will.  We asked you to record your favorite BJJ drills on video and send them to us.  Winners would be showered in D/SG and JJL regalia and would forever be known as those guys who one time sent in videos of themselves doing Jiu Jitsu drills.  You did it for the fame and the pageantry.

Anyway, we finally got around to choosing our killer drillers.  Below is an article written by David of Jiu Jitsu Lab revealing those masters of the drill and their badass videos.  Check it out.  And, thanks to those who participated! 

Drilled to Win by David of The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory

Forty hours and one-hundred drills. I’ve been keeping comprehensive records of all of the drilling sessions that my team and I have been logging since we started this little experiment in November of 2012. Everyone who has been showing up consistently for each drilling session has been showing a marked improvement in their Jiu Jitsu. A new emphasis on drilling seems to have entered the cultural zeitgeist in Jiu Jitsu as right after our article on the subject was published several blogs and other publications released articles on drilling, the best of which was written by Erin Herle for GracieMag.  Furthermore, thanks to the wonders of the internet age we even had some friends from around the world join us in our promotion of drilling.

I’d like to thank everyone who entered and supported our “Less Talking, More Drilling” contest that we began on December 5, 2012. We reached out to our friends at DSTRYRsg, one of the biggest Jiu Jitsu blogs on the web and together decided to send some free stuff to people who filmed themselves drilling technique. We didn’t get a whole lot of entries; at least not as much as I was hoping. In retrospect the prizes we small for the amount of work that such a contest would entail. However, we did get several entries that really went above and beyond and each of them deserves recognition and some Jiu Jitsu Lab and DSTRYR gear sent their way.

First we have legendary BJJ blogger and beard-enthusiast Aesopian, whose submission was entitled “Drill to Spin, Drill to Win.” Aesopian demonstrates several uses of the spin-behind transition, also known as the “long-step.” What I like about this video is that these actions are truncated pathways of full techniques that can be performed with a fairly high tempo, hitting all of our goals of drilling: technique, speed, smoothness and conditioning. For this video Aesopian won a Jiu Jitsu Lab T-shirt and “Less Talking, More Drilling” sticker.

Coming in close to the deadline was a great video from Patrick from Weillington, New Zealand. Patrick and teammates demonstrated the Galvao version of the Toreador pass. The element of this video that stood out for me was how they used games to control the increase in resistance to the technique. Drilling against controlled resistance is a fundamental aspect of rapidly incorporating a technique into your game.  Patrick will also receive a Jiu Jitsu Lab T-shirt and “Less Talking, More Drilling” sticker. Whatever that will cost me for shipping will be well worth it, Patrick.

Finally, Andy from Oregon sent DSTRYRsg a comprehensive video of various Judo and Jiu Jitsu techniques that he likes to drill to warm up for competition. Andy is a Judo black belt and Jiu Jitsu purple belt with great enthusiasm and technique. I was also really impressed by the mustache sported by his uke, who happened to be his brother. I was reluctant to post this video because my teammate Dan has been catching me with Osoto Gari lately and I knew the drills shown by Andy would give him new ammo against me. But Andy deserves recognition and for this video he won a DSTRYRsg prize pack.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest.


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