Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hey, Grappler. We get that you already know most, if not all, you need to know about strength and conditioning. It's evidenced in your amazing physique and incredible capabilities on the mat. You're kind of a legend of the game in training. But, we like to throw in a pointers here and there for the "lessor" grapplers out there. The grapplers who still ascribe to the high carb/low protein/high cheese intake diet. The guys who show up late for class and flame out after 1.5 rounds of rollin'.  Those guys need a helping hand.  Not you.

And, Phuket Top Team fighter and Strikeforce/WEC veteran and current Bellator Bantamweight title contender, Anthony Leone is the guy to lend that hand.  He recently beat former Bellator Bantamweight champ, Zach Makovsky at Bellator 83.  Both Anthony and his brother Andrew have have shared responsibilities as head wrestling coaches at Phucket Top Team, where they teach both fighters and BJJ practitioners alike.

So, check it.  Nothing fancy.  Just a ballbuster of a workout you can do with a giant rope thing and a big ol' kettlebell (16 kg if you're a child; 24 kg if you are a grown up). 



  1. this workout BURNS and yet is very simple.
    short hard and explosive

  2. DSTRYR|SG! I know how much you love awesome, and this is that, so here you go. For the ever-loving love of takedowns!


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