Thursday, February 7, 2013


At the risk of repeating ourselves, at least to the well-informed and, dare we say, old school DSTRYR/SG fans, we're about to give high praise to the art of the roll.  Now, maybe you're looking at your computer with a weird look on your face thinking something like, "DSTRYR/SG, I know all about the "art of the roll."  I practice it perfectly every time I train.  Just today, I straight up strangled my 15 year old teammate unconscious and proved I'm a badass."  To which we say, "There is so much more [, grasshopper]."

Grapplers, we've said this before, but what the heck, we'll say it again.  Competing is one thing, but rolling in the academy with friends and teammates is another thing.  Sure, it's competitive (this is BJJ), but it's something very different from competition BJJ.  Rolling is the practice of improving your Jiu Jitsu on a day-to-day basis through trial and error and through the art of play.  And, watching the very best in the world do it is a sight to see. 

Enough philosophy.  Check out world champ and probably one of the most precise technicians in the game of BJJ right now, Gui Mendes (a light featherweight, we should add) rollin' with the middleweight (i.e., 185 lb) champion of the now defunct Strikeforce MMA promotion and seemingly very legit BJJ brown belt, Luke Rockhold.  I don't want to say it's a beautiful thing, but ...

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