Monday, March 18, 2013


OK. It's that ominous week before the Pans and you're either signed up and nervous about making weight and how you'll perform (e.g., possibly poorly will will only cause shame for you, your school and your family) ... or you shined the whole thing and you're basically kicking back, carbo loading and enjoying beating up on your "competitor" teammates.  So, you're competing - cool.  We, here at DSTRYR/SG stand by you in your week of preparation.  You got this and, honestly, win or lose, you are doing Jiu Jitsu a huge service by competing.  That is, unless you lose in some kind of grotesque and pitifully life altering, soul crushing and embarrassing fashion.  You can't come back from that, so, yeah, don't do that.

Anyway, get your mind off of "competition training," and all that crossfitty strength & conditioning you claim to love so much, and, instead, learn yerself a little Sambo.  We love Sambo.  And, not just because of the tight short-jacket combo thing [that's sarcasm].  It's a fascinating sister art to BJJ, combining aspects of Judo, wrestling and BJJ. It offers tons of great technique to add to your arsenal as a ground fighter.

Check out this killer and pretty thorough lesson demo'd by former Sambo champ, Vadim Kolganov, and his young son.  Great technique.  It even has a strangely artistic vibe with the whole entirely blue background.  There's even a kettlebell just chilling in the background.  You can't get much Russioner than that.


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