Tuesday, March 19, 2013


If you train in grappling long enough and hard enough you will find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Grapplers you know all about it, don't pretend otherwise. It could be you or your training partner, but it's that awkward and uncomfortable moment when someone farts really loud the moment your instructor stops talking.

In grappling uncomfortable moments are inevitable (much like the fat hairy guy or girl you hate rolling with) who refuses to wear a rashguard despite everyone chipping in to buy him one. Other uncomfortable moments unfortunately end with with an injury. It's a fact, we participate in a sport that prides itself on almost breaking joints and almost strangling others to death. Now that I look at it that way, submission grapping is pretty f&*king crazy and so are it's participants.

Today, Smitty Diesel once again provides us with invaluable strength and conditioning advice and he fixes our sore shoulders and bad posture to boot.

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  1. I nearly always end up farting on my opponent when I sit astride of him in mount, usually in high mount. I can be riding him and out it comes. It can be very loud and embarrassing sometimes, but it shows him who is boss eh eh


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