Thursday, March 14, 2013


Andreas "Andyconda" Schmidt has been grappling for well over two decades and is one of the highest ranking Luta Livre Black Belts in Europe. He is an ADCC veteran and a man of many clubs. He has long been a favorite of ours for both his grappling and his unique approaches to health and fitness. Mr. Andyconda just put out a new DVD called the Americano and as you could probably guess it involves the shoulder lock.

We don't care if we have offended you, but just so you don't get your vale tudo shorts in a bunch the shoulder lock can also be called the Americano(a), Kimura, Figure 4, Double Wristlock or Ude Garami. The point is that Mr. Andyconda is pretty bad ass and he has a new DVD out dealing with these types of locks. So check out the vid and buy the DVD if your up for improving your mat game.

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