Friday, March 1, 2013


Pop culture has no boundaries. It transcends cities, cultures, and continents with reckless abandon. Our (cultural) influence upon other nations can be found throughout the world, for example sneaker culture in Japan, Soap Operas in South America and Hip Hop throughout Europe.

Today's cultural transcedance comes via American music and viral inspired dance. I am proud to say the last time I saw dancing so mind blowing Ariel was getting jiggy with Alistair Overeem (he cannot confirm or deny the use of "horse meat" during this performance.) 

For those grapplers who are unfamiliar with music culture, the song "Harlem Shake" has taken over the streets (or the Rua if your from Brazil). The dance has its roots in the early 80's, then it was revived in 2001 by none other than SeanP.DiddyPuffDaddyCombsJean and his artist G.Dep. Last year EDM artist Baauer made quite a catchy song with the same title and it soon after went viral with Youtube dance parodies. 

Now if that went over your head like Joe Rogan talking about  mycotoxins, we understand, let this video break down the history of this dance/music phenomenon that has recently spread to our grappling brethren in France. 

Yes, France is the last place anyone would think that funny, or hip hop could exist, but with a little ingenuity from Nicolas Rener and his Luta Livre cohorts - the Harlem Shake goes grappling style!

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  1. Hi, it's not Nicolas Rener but Renier. And yes Fance is not just romantic, there's an hiphop culture too...


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