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Once again, our brother in Brazilian ground fighting, Hywel Teague of BJJ Hacks, presents us with his now regular update, The Brazilian Blog:

Barely a day goes by when we got don't get a message here at BJJ Hacks Towers, asking us one of two things:

A: When is the Red Belts movie going to be ready?
B: Where is the Miyao bros video?

OK, let me set this straight now. Re the Miyao bros, for those of you who didn't hear, the project has been unfortunately scrapped. It hurt to admit defeat, but there was nothing we could do. An HD failure led to a very costly partial repair which returned about 80% of the contents - except the Miyao bros footage. We learned a harsh lesson about backing stuff up and adapted our practices accordingly.

As for the Red Belts, well we don't have a release date yet. To be honest, we overestimated the ease of this project. Find a bunch of guys, put them in front of a camera, press record, edit, done. Ha, if only.

Juggling the schedules and demands of a group of elderly Brazilian gentlemen is easier said than done, and one of our principle subjects decided to leave Rio for months at a time during filming – twice… 

That said, production has been going well lately. We've racked up some key interviews with some notable figures, including GM Reyson Gracie, GM Renato Paquet, and the legendary Mario Sperry.

GM Reyson Gracie

GM Renato Paquet
GM Reyson spoke at length about the classical era of the 1950s Gracie Academy in Avenida Rio Branco, describing training with marines from the Brazilian navy and such. Renato Paquet, who is one of the few grand masters who still regularly heads into the gym, can almost always be found on the mats at Rico Vieira's Checkmat academy in Copacabana. His take on the evolution of jiu-jitsu over 60+ years of experience is something else.

Mario Sperry makes an appearance in the film due to his connection with Grand Master Osvaldo Alves. Sperry and a number of his then-Carlson Gracie teammates often trained with Alves, including Amaury Bitetti, Paulo Filho and more. Sperry said he still uses stuff Alves showed him over 20 years ago.

We met with the guys from Copa Podio lately, and while we couldn't get something going for now, we hope to do some work with them in the near future. One thing we got during the time of the event though was a choice interview with brown belt wunderkind Keenan Cornelius.

We turned the interview into an article for Jiu-Jitsu Style magazine, and released this short video extract to give you an idea of the level of focus and passion this young man has for the art of jiu-jitsu. The interview is free of any drama and focuses on good old jiu-jitsu, so sit back, listen to what he has to say and enjoy.

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