Thursday, March 21, 2013


Here in the U.S. bad eating habits are all to common and they continue to fuel the obesity epidemic. It shouldn't take a world renowned coach to make you realize that eating a bucket of fried chicken parts is not healthy unless your name is Mark Hunt. Regardless of your freakish athletic ability or walking off punching power, normal people can't do that and perform to the best of their ability.

Today we profile Rogerio Camoes, who is both a Judo and BJJ black belt, he is also one of best strength and conditioning coaches in MMA. He has worked with top athletes and MMA fighters alike including Team Atos and Blackhouse as well as Anderson Silva and Ronaldo Jacare. Mr. Camoes takes us on a journey to look deeper into our nutrition and a basic overview of how and what you should be eating - and in the words of another famous Brazilian "You need datch Fruits and Vegetables."

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  1. Aside from Rogerio Camoes, I guess all athletes would say the same thing especially that our body really needs a lot of nutrients and vitamins just to be strong and healthy. Aside from vitamins A, B, C, B12, vitamin d3 and a lot more, we really need to be more specific with what we eat especially these times that junk food and fast food chains are the easiest way for most of us.


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