Friday, March 22, 2013


We haven't made mention of it in a little while, so it bear repeating - we, at DSTRYR/SG love cool indigenous wrestling and grappling sports.  And, Canarian Wrestling or Lucha Canaria really is kind of the sh*t.  But, that's much like many of the similar folk wrestling traditions of cultures throughout the world.  It's this simple - there are a lot of great grappling arts throughout this vast world to learn from and enjoy and it's not always about BJJ and getting inverted to sweep a dude to get his back (although that is a marvelous thing).

"But, what is this Lucha Canaria thing you speak of all about, DSTRYR/SG?", you ask.  Like a lot of similar folk wrestling of this type (e.g., Senegalese Laamb [which we've shared with you many times here], Korean Ssireum), the goal is simple - starting from a clinch position, take your opponent to the ground (before you hit the ground, in some cases).  Matches are fast and sometimes violent (although there is no striking). The throws and other techniques or "mañas" are in some ways very simple compared to modern wrestling and to the ground battles of modern-day BJJ.  But, the beauty is in many ways in the simplicity.  Power, leverage, grips and tremendous skill are all applied. 

Anyway, we think you'll like it, so we're posting a recent match-up between two clubs (in the Liga Gobierno - the league under which wrestlers compete) - Club Guamasa and Club Tegueste.  It's a little repetitive, but, again, that's part of the beauty (we think).  You can go back to watching your friend compete at Pan on the Budovideos feed in a few minutes.


  1. LOVE this! thanks for the post

  2. This whole website is awesome. I love all this stuff...THANK YOU!


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