Thursday, April 25, 2013


We have noted the double and top wrist lock many times on our site. For those of you who are not familiar with CACC terminology, the wrist lock is also known as figure four lock, chicken wing, and or the kimura/keylock. Regardless of what you call it, all of these techniques are variations of each other. Well, why can't all locks just get along? BJJ players swear by the thumbless grip and more often than not, they say any other way is completely incorrect. Just for your own knowledge, if your instructor tells you thumbless is the only way, you should get up and walk out. While the thumbless grip is one variation of controlling the wrist and forearm, the majority of other submission grappling styles use the thumb. Judo uses the thumb grip, and sometimes Judokas even replace the grip with a downward chop to finish. CACC influenced arts believe strongly in "maxing out" each joint, which usually entails twisting the shit out of you. Their variation uses the thumb grip, mostly on the hand to achieve maximum pain, torque and efficiency. Check out John Strickland, (student of legendary carny wrestler Billy Wicks) detail this foundational move of CACC, and add it to your game and mangle both your training partners and significant others.

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