Thursday, April 11, 2013


We have covered the bastardized art of Luta Livre many times on our blog. It is (at least IMHO) one of the long lost grappling arts yet to gain recognition or noteriety. There seems to be a resurgence as of late  mostly due to the hard work of Renovação Fight Team (RFT). The Brazilian little brother of CACC has always had and continues to have at least a toe, if not a foothold, within MMA. Its popularity hit a peak in the early days of Brazilian Vale Tudo and its ectectic and open nature allowed the common people to train - both on the ground and standing. Think back to Marco Ruas and a 19 year old Vitor Belfort in the UFC. No one had ever seen someone mix standing and the ground game so fluidly.

So where did this all start? You can travel back many many years to the likes of Tatu, but today we are talking about modern LL history. Daniel D’dane is a 4th degree LL Blackbelt and Presidente of the Confederação Brasileira de Luta Livre Submission. Marco Rua is a direct decendant of Daniel D’dane, and Vitor that of Ruas. D’dane immegrated from his native Brazil to Germany where he helped spread the art and revival of CACC inspired arts. He has helped create an enormous list of grappling and MMA Champions that include the likes of Andréas Andyconda Schmidt, The little Nogs - Alexandre Pequeno and Leozada, Vitor Belfort, Marco Ruas, Marcio Cromado, Marcelo Brigaderio, Milton Vieira, JZ Calvacante, Pedro Rizzo, Roberto Leitão and Euclydes Hatem just to name a few.

Take a look at part One of Mr. D’dane on the mat showing a huge variety of submissions and techniques that you can implement into your.


  1. Gents, nice bit on Luta Livre, which even here in Brazil mostly flies under the radar nowadays.

    RFT also has a camp in Rio that looks interesting (Portuguese only).

    And our website has a profile on RFT in Rio, but slanted toward Jiu-Jitsu.

    Last, a quick heads up--the link to RFT is broken (should be "").

  2. Mestre das putas dele pois pra mim esse cara é um bosta.Doido pra praticar Gracie Jiu Jitsu mais fica com o dedo atolado no cu de inveja. Nas entrevistas dele ele fala 5 vezes jiu jitsu antes de falar luta livre. Mestre de merda.

  3. Essa porra treinou ninguém rapaz. Nunca foi linha de frente na LLEB e agora banca o papagaio de pirata daquele que almeja ser o ''Hélio Gracie da LLEB'' na marra. Por sinal, outro que veio de um background não relacionado a LLEB e que tbm nunca deu a cara a tapa.


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