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And, just like clockwork, DSTRYR/SG succeeds at avoiding real work.  Why should we bother when our UK brethren, BJJ Hacks, are willing to carry the torch and do it for us. Below is the 7th installment of our collaboration with BJJ Hacks, a regular blog post BJJ Hacks' Hywel Teague, which brings us news and updates from his multi-purpose BJJ media company.  Hywel is doing great stuff and we continue to be stoked to be a platform for his blog. 

What will a week or two in Rio bring us? The answer is plenty. From hanging out with 7th degree coral belts, to filming local state tournaments, to interviewing the Red  Belts, to watching pro MMA fighters train. There is so much grappling goodness here it's sometimes hard to know where to begin (or when to stop).

Though we are the brains behind BJJ Hacks, we also wear many other hats - probably because we don't have any hair. Our various roles and projects include the monthly BJJ Hacks videos, producing videos and running the marketing for our amigos Connection Rio, working on our sister site, submitting kickass articles to magazines such as Jiu-Jitsu Style, Jiu-Jitsu Magazine, and Fighters Only. Plus some other stuff when the opportunity comes up.

Here's a quick rundown of what we've produced in the last two weeks.


Master of the jiu-jitsu CHOP! Dustin Denes was the last guy to get the BJJ Hacks treatment. His unique style and personality have made him a kind of cult-celebrity in the BJJ world, but he's an old-school guy with tonnes of knowledge. His thoughts on giving to receive and karma in BJJ made this video one of the most thought-provoking to date. If you haven't, listen to what he says - it's deep stuff, but worthwhile.


Connection Rio are giving grapplers from around the world rolling three-month sponsorships, and the latest lucky guy to get one was Michael. Though he sounds as British as the love-child of Monty Python and Stewie Griffin, he's actually Polish. Yep, he speaks Polish, was born, lived and trained there, the whole shebang.

His first two weeks in Rio and he was rolling with former Shooto champion and luta livre black belt, Alexandre 'Pequeno' Nogueira. I've never seen someone so happy to get their neck cranked!


Jiu-jitsu gyms in Rio aren't usually very big, and Gracie Tijuca is one of the biggest we've seen in Rio. We profiled the historic academy for our sister site 19 years old, the gym has produced some awesome grapplers in it's time, including Xande Ribeiro and Vinny Magalhaes, but doesn't generally get credit because it's an offshoot of Gracie Humaita and so everyone fights under that banner. Still, it's a great academy and definitely worth a look if you're in town.


When Jiu-Jitsu Style magazine were looking for a technical coach to demo some moves, we knew just the guy. Felipe Costa isn't just a top level lightweight competitor, he's a great teacher and does seminars all over the world. Shooting moves with him for a whole afternoon, we covered positions including the mount, half guard and 50-50. Free private lesson for us!


Jiu-jitsu crosses borders, whether national or social. As Rio is a city divided very clearly into the haves and have-nots, there is a whole section of people who can't afford to pay for training. Some people are breaking this barrier with social projects that teach jiu-jitsu to kids and young adults - for free. Jiu-Jitsu Magazine asked us to investigate more, and the resulting article will be out soon.


One of our all-time favorite grapplers is Ronaldo Jacare Souza. His powerful passing game had us in awe, and we always loved his post-fight alligator celebration. So of course we jumped at the chance to see him training ahead of his UFC debut. He brings the same level of intensity he was famous for to his MMA training. You'll see our pics and an interview in Fighters Only soon.


There has been some good progress these last few weeks for the Red Belts doc. It's a busy time for tournaments in Rio right now, and in honesty it's rare to see red belts at competitions nowadays. But there was one in particular, the Copa João Alberto Barreto, that saw the man himself plus his brother Alvaro check out the action. It was one of the hottest days of the year but there was some great action and it was heart-warming to see the old guys paid homage to.

Last weekend was the FJJ Rio Estadual, a state-level tournament from the federation that is presided over by Robson Gracie. The FJJ Rio is the oldest and most traditional federation in the world, formed in 1966. Robson, along with Carlos, Helio and co, co-wrote the rules that are strikingly similar to the ones we still use today. -

As you can see, we've been pretty busy lately. But rest assured everything we do is for you, the jiu-jitsu fan.

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