Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am a self proclaimed martial arts nerd; it's ok - I wear it proudly. For many years now I have spent countless amounts of time, money, and sweat collecting out-of-print books on martial arts, buying hard to find DVD's, studying art forms from every country and training in every style I can find with the hopes of achieving rank. Sometimes when I talk to people they comment on my unusual knowledge of combat, martial arts and ancient forms of fitness - I can admit it's a little odd.

I find it rare to find someone that has an insurmountable amount of knowledge, they have achieved the highest levels in their field or field(s), and they can pass that knowledge on in a clear and concise manner.

In my travels and training, I have only found one person with all of these skills and that person is Erik Paulson. I have met professors and masters that have encyclopedia type knowledge of their arts, but no one has all of the knowledge and experience that Mr. Paulson has. Now some of you may think I'm a nutthugger - say what you will, but until you train and speak with the Encylopedia of MMA you can't say much.

Stephen Kesting, BJJ Black Belt and grappling enthusiast, recently interviewed Erik Paulson about his life long pursuit of martial arts, carreer in Shooto, and his current training and teaching schedule. Check out the audio interview and change the way you approach BJJ, MMA, or the art of your liking.

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