Tuesday, April 2, 2013


While pretty is an adjective we all strive for (yes, all of us) in our grappling game, looking pretty on the mats may not be the best compliment out there. Today we feature a video shot in ridiculous high quality, but we can't say that much for the mats. Yes, they are made of cardboard and on many levels we don't recommend that. Just think of all the paper cuts, and your recycling habits infringed upon in this video.

Watch the video and just pretend you don't see the "mat", you know, the same way you ignored or at least tried to forget you saw Kevin Ware's leg explode much like Cory Hill's and Ruben Alvarez's did a few years back. Train recks are hard to ignore - we know. But today Andrew "the Squid" MontaƱez shows us a variety of wrestling escapes from the quarter (or the turtle as we know it) all while looking pretty and not breaking a sweat or messing up his hair.

On that note, I'm off to send some emails to The Squid, the Mendes Brothers, and Caio Terra, to find out what kind of products they all use to stay sexy. Something tells me they will answer back with something to the effect of "It's Jiu Jitsu my friend."

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