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There are a couple of things for which can count on DSTRYR/SG:  (1) blatantly use of moronic (yet catchy) tongue-in-cheek titles and (2) blatant avoidance (with uncanny ability) of doing real "work" ourselves, when other, smarter and more serious, people can do it for us. Oh yeah - and, if you ask us to post an excerpt from your cool Jiu Jitsu magazine, we're gonna make a gag piece of cover art.  I think you knew this (and so does Jits). 

I'm pretty sure that's about all the intro you need - below is an excerpt from Jits Mag Issue 9, featuring an interview with ABC's "Modern Family" star and GJJ black belt, Ed O'Neil. [Ed is agreat guy - coincidentally he's been a friend to our academy (Street Sports in Santa Monica, CA) and my coach forever.  I've known him for probably 12+ years; he's a sincere martial artist and very down to earth.]

Now, here's your Jits Mag Issue 9 excerpt.

TV’s Ed O’Neil: Training After 40

Jits: How did you first get introduced to BJJ

Ed: My friend John Milius was taking classes in Torrance, California. He's the producer, writer, director who did Apocalypse Now, Jeremiah Johnson, etc. He talked me into going down and meeting the Gracies. This was about 23 or 24 years ago, I'm not totally sure, I've lost track of time. I went and met with Rorion, he gave me a free trial lesson, like they do with everybody, and that was it, I got hooked.

Jits: Before this, how much did you know about BJJ?

Ed: I really didn't know anything about it at all actually. When I was a kid, I did a little boxing, and I was pretty athletic, I liked football and handball, baseball. I was physically active as a kid and I have been all my life, but I never really was interested in martial arts. I always associated martial arts with the seemingly fake fighting styles portrayed in the movies, with kicking and punching and yelling... I never put much credence in it. So when I took that first class with Rorion, it was kind of an eye-opener.

Jits: So you've known Rorion for quite a while now. How has that relationship developed?

Ed: Oh yeah, Rorion and I have been rolling around together for a long, long time. I feel very close with him, we're almost like brothers. I'm also very close with the whole family, Royce, Ryron, Rener, Ralek, all the kids. It's been a very nice relationship for me, I consider them almost like family.

Jits: How often do you train?

Ed: Well, I've been busy with Modern Family, and so I only get over to the studio about once a week. So I'm just sort of keeping my foot in the door. I roll with Rorion for about an hour each visit. I try to do something every day though, like chin-ups, cycling, rowing machine, a little bit of weight training, dumbbell presses, some squats... whatever I can do to keep being able to get up off the toilet.

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