Monday, April 22, 2013


Grapplers, I have to preface my little write-up here with a confession - despite my 13+ years of training BJJ day in and day out (and being a black belt since 2009), I got nothing when it comes to the x-guard.  Sure, I've dabbled here and there and watched a Marcelo Garcia clip about 5 years ago, but I basically missed this bandwagon a long time ago (and, I've yet to get on it).  Maybe that's bad, although it hasn't seemed to have affected me or my game too much.  What I'm saying is - I'm not the best judge of a the effectiveness or the overall quality of another grappler's x-guard skillery.  But, this sh^t (below) seems pretty f&*kin' cool.

Witness the fancy guard-ness that is Thomas Busckamp, a German purple belt and fighter.  As I said, I'm not the best evaluator of a man's (or woman's) x-guard, but Thomas seems to have put together quite a game there based on those funky x-guard hooks.  You tell me (unless you're going to tell me about how your coach invented all of this years ago and/or how you tap black belts out on a daily basis using only slick x-guard setups).

One last thing.  Despite the overall excellence of this video (I even sort of like use of the Wiz Khalifa tune), I must cite Thomas and his teammate for a blatant violation of the Code of DSTRYR/SG.  Please, put some shirts on, fellas.

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