Tuesday, April 9, 2013


A few of years ago, you didn't need to worry about a guy inverting himself off the De La Riva guard while grabbing your belt to take your back and proceeding to choke the sh^t of you.  And, no matter how many people tell you that Jean Jacques or Roleta were doing it in '93, it just didn't happen.  But, all that's changed and now studies show there's a 73.6% chance that the next blue belt you roll with will try his hardest to bermibolo you. 

We can debate the qualities and substance of the berimbolo sweep/attack ad nausiem, but that will only lead to me invoking the R-word (Rickson) and ranting about mastering the basics (the whole "learn to crawl before you walk" argument).  And, nowbody wants to hear that and it does matter anyway.  Grapplers, in this day and age are attempting and even mastering advanced attacks and sweeps early on their learning process.  That's a fact. 

All that leads me to this thought: whether you berimbolo or not, you need to develop skills to defend against it.  Thanks to Purebred Guam (namely Steve Roberto), we get just that. 

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