Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Taking the back is almost an art form for some of us grapplers. Often this position is associated with being one of the most dominant places you could achieve and is often times just a step away from ending the fight. As dominant as this position is, people are not to creative with their finishes from here. Typically you will find your standard RNC or variation using the lapel, and unfortunately BJJ lacks the turnovers utilized in Judo, Sambo and Wrestling.

Well don't fret grapplers, Mark and Roberta of Flow Rollers are here to teach us how. Mark is a BJJ black belt under Robson Moura and he owns Flow Rollers Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Today they attack the back and show us some great alternatives to your standard and boring finishes. Mark starts out with a reversal often found in wrestling which leads seamlessly into some choke variations. Watch the video and take them for a test drive tonight.

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  1. Professor Mark is now teaching at GB Hollywood!!


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