Monday, May 13, 2013


As fun as grappling is, once you have mastered the basics, you can even make it more fun for yourself. Some of you may ask, how could this be any more fun that what it already is? Well if you apply some simple wrestling principles - for example making your opponent carry all of your weight, or punishing him in every position possible, it becomes way more fun. Now there is a fine line between being a shitty grappler and using "dirty moves" compared to being well rounded grappler with "punishing moves." That fine line can often be crossed accidentally or on purpose, especially if you frequent other gyms on frequent occasions. Also, BJJ has taken more a lax approach in it's style, and your efforts could be looked at as crude. But then again just a few years ago, leg locks, paisley leggings, and 98 degress were also considered crude - those silly millennials.

A few weeks back we featured some slick wrestling escapes that you could easily integrate into your submission grappling or MMA game, and today Andrew "the Squid" MontaƱez is back to show us entries into the spladle.

If you don't know what the spladle is, it's ok, just watch the video. And for the rest of the doubters on the innernets who think this can't be pulled off, just look at this.

So, shut up, watch the video and take notes on why your shouldn't grapple on cardboard or wear paisley leggings.


  1. Demolisher, you and DSTRYR have added so many random cool techniques to my head and, occasionally, my game. Thanks for that. :)

  2. This is a pretty terrible application of it. You should see if you can go to the source and the guy who is largely known as developing it, Wade Schalles. There's an award in collegiate wrestling called the Wade Schalles Trophy for the wrestler with the most pins in the season, arguably only second to the Hodge Trophy - wrestling's Heisman Trophy.

    In short, Schalles is a big deal when it comes to pins, including multiple variations of Cradle, which the Spladle is.

  3. Thanks guys, and yes this may not be the fanciest or even the most technical application of the technique. But just keep in mind - for many grapplers out on the innernets (that don't have a wrestling background) the cradle or variations of it are as rare as seeing a skinny Christina Aguilera. And we will def take your advice on the Legendary Mr. Wade!


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