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Recently we were lucky enough to receive a package from Submission FC containing their new Hemp Sensation rashguard. This rashguard goes hand in hand with the 2012 Hemp Sensation Kimono, and we were lucky enough to take for a spin last year.

Now some background- Hemp has slowly been making it's way into our fashion as well as into grappling equipment over the past few years. Hemp was a long forgotten commodity that has some incredible nutritional, building and fabric applications. It can used for anything from building a house to kimonos and rashguards. As we have said before hemp seems to be an incredible resource and it's green (no pun intended,) antibacterial, breathable and is 4 times softer and stronger than cotton. So whats the rub you might ask? It's expensive, despite the fact that it has a fast life cycle, is cheap to process, and can grow almost anywhere. Growing it in the US is almost nonexistent, so most hemp comes to us from Canada or abroad.

Now, that would discurage most manufactures, especially those in niche markets like martial arts - well it didn't for Submission FC.

The Hemp Sensation is the first ever Hemp BJJ Rashguard with a 80/20 Blend of Hemp and Lycra. The rashguard is fully sublimated with green accents and the Submission FC logo on the center chest, top back and Hemp Sensation script on the sleeves. The rashy is currently only available in white, but the green sublimation and green stitching give a hint of flare.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Hemp Sensation is that it looks, feels, and stretches just like other rashguards. You would never know it used a hemp blend that not only is stronger and softer than lycra/spandex, but it is naturally antibacterial. As usual I ran it through my gauntlet of training and washing which included both gi and nogi training. After a month of hard use and many, many washes (including a span of 3 days where I left it wet in my car) the rashguard had no horrible odor, no pilling, tearing, ripping shrinking or loose threads. The Hemp Sensation looks exactly the same way it did when I recieved it, and I can't say enough good things about this product. Now as far as fit, which most of you know, I don't like speaking about- I had an XL to test out which I found was snug but not to tight. The fabric was stretchy, but not so much where to you get a snap mark on your chest after putting it on. On thing I liked was the extra length to the body, which some companies neglect. To top off all the good points of this rashy, it also is SPF 50+ so all you fat grapplers can hop in the pool with it on and look tough - as opposed to fat, embarrassed and sunburned.

And, the results:

  • Quality: Black belt (Comfort, style, durability and good hygiene at the same time.)
  • Price: Brown Belt ($60 - About average for a good rashguard.) 
  • Appearance: 4 Stripe Brown Belt (White with Hemp green contrast stitching and sublimation, subtle yet flashy.) 
  • Durability: Black Belt (No Shrinking, pilling, or loose threads) 
  • Features: Black Belt (Sublimated graphics, Environmentally friendly, soft and strong, antibacterial and SPF 50+) 
  • Sizing: Black Belt (My XL fit snug but not to tight, and the added length on the body was a great feature).

Check out the Hemp Sensation over and Submision FC and tell us what you think!

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