Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We hope all of you had a eventful weekend and holiday, but as usual we are back with some great techniques. We understand that you might be extra slow today, due to your binge drinking and over consumption of BBQ, so we are giving you a two-part lockflow.

Now the French are not necessarily at the forefront of fashion, but they sure as hell can do some nasty submission grappling, all while looking stylish. Practicing Luta Livre, and applying the half stock is possibly the only way you can look tough while wearing three quarter length tights. But the guys from Alpha Fight Club France do just that for us. They show us how to apply a neckcrank, armbar, counter triangle, and inverted triangle from the half stock position. If you have never heard of the stock position we can clarify that for you know. The stockade and half stock are common techniques found it CACC and CACC influenced arts. It involves isolating a head and arm or head and both arms. It can be used as a pin or more likely a crank, and when those are not available, you can practice your Luta Livre lockflow below!

Your welcome and Au revoir.

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