Friday, May 31, 2013


We all make BJJ moves up and for good reason.  The Supreme Masters of BJJ (Helio, Carlos Sr., etc.) - these giants, they gave us the basis or crucial elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  But, it really should go without saying, that the moves and techniques of the art are essentially infinite.  No one will do an armbar-to-triangle transition from closed guard quite the way you do (and, maybe for good reason).  We each create moves and sub-moves and super-sub-moves every day as we progress in BJJ.

Here's a great example.  Daniel Faggella, the self-proclaimed BJJ Nerd, obviously knows his stuff and is pretty poised instructor (and maybe a bit of a BJJ marketeer, as well).  This 5 minute video demo'ing some movements he commonly employs is pretty kick ass.  These are movements you might already be doing in some form when rolling, but most likely aren't drilling the way Dan does.  Good stuff, Dan.  [Although, we think you probably intended the first move to be named "The Indulator" - one that moves in a smooth, wavelike motion, rather than an "ungulator" - being hooflike?]

Maybe you have some of your own moves you'd like to show us, grapplers.


  1. i think you meant "undulator" there is no such word as "indulate." crazy brazilians.

    1. This guy is not brazilian. And all I have to say is: "Americans". Don't know why those guys have to name everything with those dumb names.

    2. Maybe it's that assigning names to things is a universal human trait that allows us to mentally structure the world around us? Crazy humans.

  2. This guy is a joke. Since when do brown belts put out DVD's and hyper-market themselves? If this is the current state, what's the future of BJJ? I ask this in all sincerity- if purple and brown belts can produce instructionals and be taken as experts, what need is there for black belts?

  3. There are always going to be some eager folks who will start teaching as early as they possibly can. Belt color doesn't always reflect teaching ability - I'm certain there are some color belts out there who have better teaching skills than some black belts.

    While black belts and above will always command the highest level of respect, as they should, for many lower level practitioners a skilled color belt may just be easier to identify with.


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