Monday, May 6, 2013


This weekend was chock-full of festivities for all of us to enjoy! The weekend kicked off with "May the 4th be with you"  on Saturday, followed by hours of pregaming for Sundays celebration of something everyone swears is Mexican Independence day. Besides tacos and your Darth Vader outfit, Copa Podio 2013 was taking place and as usual it was streaming via the magic of the inner-nets. Keep reading for the lineups, wins, and videos at the very bottom!

Check out official graphics for the full lineup. Also spoiler alert - Don't read past this if your worried about finding out the results and getting all butt hurt. 

So on that note, here they are!

  1. Vinicius Marinho wins on points over Terere
  2. Rodrigo Magalhaes wins on points over Oliver Geddes
  3. DJ Jackson and Tio Chico Draw
  4. Clark wins by submission over Brandon Magana
  5. Xande wins on points over Braulio
  6. Leandro Lo wins by one advantage over Diego Borges 
  7. Vinicius Marinho wins on points against Oli Geddes
  8. Tio Chico beats Rodrigo Magalhaes with the double eye poke 
  9. Juan Kamezawa and Clark Gracie Draw
  10. Leandro Lo wins on points over Brandon Magana
  11. DJ Jackson wins by wristlock pver Oli Geddes
  12. Vinicius Marinho wins via DQ due to penalties over Rodrigo Magalhaes
  13. Diego Borges wins on points against Clark Gracie
  14. Juan Kamezawa with a footlock win over Brandon Magana 
  15. Tio wins on points against Oliver Geddes 
  16. Vinicius Marinho wins by advantage over DJ Jackson
  17. Leandro Lo wins 13-0 against Clark Gracie
  18. Diego Borges wins on points over Juan Kamezawa
  19. DJ Jackson wins on points against Rodrigo Magalhaes
  20. Vinicius Marinho wins by advantage over Tio Chico     
  21. Diego Borges wins on points over Brandon Magana
  22. Leandro Lo wins on points over Juan Kamezawa
  23. Rodolfo Vieira wins via points vs Léo Leite
  24. Diego Borges wins on points over Vinicius Marinho 
  25. Leandro Lo wins on points over DJ Jackson 
  26. Dimitrius Souza wins on points over Léo Maciel 
  27. Vinicius Marinho wins third place due to penalty points over DJ Jackson
  28. Rodolfo Vieira wins by three advantage over Ricardo "Demente" Abreu
  29. Leandro Lo wins by advantage over Diego Borges  
Videos were slim pickin's but we did our best and will continue to provide you with the best Cup O Podio videos we can find. 

Lo v. Clark

Xande v. Bráulio

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  1. I especially enjoyed watching Diego Borges fighting out of Manaus, BR. Lots of good athletes coming out of that city.

    Interestingly, on your #20 (Marinho vs Chico), GracieMag is calling it a DQ due to "gestures to the public". Chico must have been frustrated because the GFTeam fans' jeers were enough to make him stand up with 20 seconds or so left and give them 2 middle fingers (I was sitting right next to the GFTeam contingent).

    Anyway, GracieMag should have their results accurate since they were one of the main sponsors. If not, hopefully Copa Podio will publish their own official results soon.

    Until then, I've summarized the results published by GracieMag into tables and organized them by phase here.


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