Thursday, May 23, 2013


Within the rankings spectrum of the most awkward and embarrassing positions to be put in while grappling, the Banana Split sits atop the heap alongside it's close companion, the Teabag Recipient.  It's not quite on the level of peeing or pooping in your pants in public, but it's up there.   Believe you me, if your wife or significant other were to come by the academy (which, they never do anyway) and see you writhing in pain in this contorted pretzel-like submission, there would definitely be a solid chunk of time during which all respect for you would be lost - unconditional notwithstanding.

At the same time, submitting an opponent with the dreaded banana split is like winning one of those Lotto Scratchers (for like $10 or less).  It's gonna make your day and you'll be able to brag about it to the 2 to 3 people who care. 

So, thanks Jits Mag and UFC stud, Chris Weidman for the excellent instruction.  I'm looking foward to trying this one day soon on a hapless victim.

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