Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Maybe today your boss was mean to you, or you failed a test or your girlfriend dumped you.  Maybe your parents are getting a divorce or your cat is sick or you ran out of almond milk.  Whatever.  Any one of those those things might have happened and that can make you all sad and self loathing.  Beneath our callous and ruthless exterior, a tiny part of us here at DSTRYR/SG cares for you.  When things get bad, it's good you have Jiu Jitsu to lift your spirits and give you something to believe in.  I think we have a little bit of that for you here today.

There is no doubt Murilo Bustamante is a legend of our time in BJJ.  We may even have said that once or twice before here.  I think we're all on the same page.  Adding Stuart Cooper's exceptional BJJ filmmaking to the mix only makes it better. 

Bustamante is a pioneer in BJJ.  He did what a lot of the currents pros and great are doing now back in the 90's.  Let's tune in to his words and learn from the man's experience and wisdom.

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