Monday, July 1, 2013


You know us, grappler.  We don't usually post the common viral video, unless it's unique and has something particularly grapplish to show us.  But, that's exactly what we got right here.

Maybe you're not a bona fide, feminist, like me.  Maybe you believe in gender roles and all kinds of inequalities that make sense to you.  That's cool.  This is America ... for us at least.  I personally believe a woman has just as much of a right and ability (with strength being one factor) to kick as much ass as a man in grappling or BJJ combat.  So, there. 

If you haven't seen this video, here you go.  I'm not even sure how recent it is.  I hope it's not from 2009.  Either way, it holds up and we've certainly not seen it before.  Among the many videos out there depicting women showing men up in wrestling and submission grappling (including BJJ), this is one of the very best.  Girl power, etc.


  1. That dude was an idiot for slamming her to the ground! I grapple with chicks all the time and focus on not using strength and rather technique. Who cares if you tap.

  2. Kid is a pussy version of Ricco Rodriguez w the chick of course being Marcello. I think it ended the same way too. LOL

    PS haha a girl tapped you.

    1. The whole point of this post was to show that being a women doesn't automatically mean you can't do shit. If you were watching at all you'd see the girl looks to have more experience than the guy.

  3. That was a dick move to jump when she she has the choke and slam her..


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