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Get it? Because Ezekiel is the name of a prophet from the Bible. Here, he is shown hanging out with alien time travelers. 
We're DSTRYR/SG.  We don't follow no rules and we definitely don't review gis the way your grandma's favorite BJJ site does.  No way. 

Here's what we did.  We received a gi from Ezekiel Kimono (thanks very much to them for participating and allowing us to have some fun) and handed it off to a three pipe-hitting grapplers out of Street Sports BJJ (that's where I train/live life) in beautiful Santa Monica.  They put it through the paces and have now reported back their collective findings.  It's brilliant. 


Ezekiel Kimono is an Atlanta, GA based company started in 2011.  Their mission: “to deliver top notch products and great customer service at the lowest price”.  

The model that we received is called the Peso Leve (Black).  For those who aren’t savy with the Portugese, that means light weight (or at least that’s what google translator told me).  True to its name, the Peso Leve is indeed light weight.  The design from the 450 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket to the 10oz Ripstop Pants lend themselves well to the weight cutting, tournament oriented, competition crowd.  The Kimono’s relatively conservative décor leave little doubt of its IBJJF legality when it comes to patch placement or lack thereof.   The Only deviation from it being a plain Gi is the simplistic but tasteful Embroidered Logos on the right sleeve and left pant leg.

If you are Lazy and like reading things in bullet points. 

Ezekiel Kimono:

•    Based in Atlanta, GA
•    Gi Made in Pakistan
•    Established in 2011 by 2 dudes
•    Model Name:  Peso Leve (Black) – Light weight in Portuguese
•    450 GSM Pearl Weave
•    EVA Foam Inserts in Lapel.
•    10 oz Ripstop Material for Pants
•    Price Point is the Low-Mid Entry to Moderate Level $119.95.  We consider the most affordable gi’s worth getting around $80 and the most expensive gis where diminishing utility sets in at $200+.
•    Minimalist Design
•    Soda Jurume Gime (The Japanese Name of The Ezekiel Choke Technique)
•    Embroidery versus Patches
•    Size Reviewed: A2 – (According to Size Chart is 5’8”-6’0”/155-190LBS)

Brotherhood of the Traveling Gi

Disclaimer:  We don’t endorse the sharing of Gis.  But we encourage an unbiased and equitable opinion.  We felt the best way to do it was to let 3 different guys try the gi and independently of each other (as to not influence their decision) come up with their own thoughts.  Each of us fit into different areas of the size chart with about 10lbs between each tester, so we hope that it covers a few different body types.  We washed the Gi between reviewers.  We’re bros…and let’s be honest most guys have probably done something more disgusting than sharing a Gi.  We like to consider ourselves our local gym’s "gi connoisseurs" with the embarrassing numbers of gi’s purchased/owned to back it up.  We know Gis…Plain and Simple.

Steve: 160lbs – 5’10”

•    Lightweight
•    Well constructed
•    Good price point
•    Ripstop Pants are included (not extremely common for this price range)
•    The suede lined cuffs are a really nice touch.  Perfect for keeping your fingers comfortable while ezekieling (is that even a Verb?) people.  I’m not sure how well they will endure over time, but they are nice out of the bag.
•    Generally comfortable and breathable to roll in.

•    A2 felt larger on me - Sleeves are long on me – (I am on the bottom of the range.)  I likely could have fit an A1.  Likely this could have been resolved with some hot water wash / dryer action, but with our reviewing strategy, I wasn’t inclined to screw the other two out of reviewing the Gi.
•    A little bland.  Nothing sets it apart from a lot the other gis out there.  There isn’t anything aesthetically displeasing, just nothing artistically inclining. 
•    Collar seems pretty thin and flimsy

Neutral Points:
•    Sleeves are WIDE (like sleeve of Wizard or Keiko Raca).  This is likely to help facilitate the use of the Ezekiel Choke, but also makes it easier for people to get their grips on you and hold on for dear life.

I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10.  It’s a good entry or mid level gi likely for someone who wants something simplistic and comfortable.   My constructive suggestions are I’d like a thicker collar and some contrast stitching at least to spice it up a bit. 

Armando:  170bs – 5’10”

•    Relaxed fit
•    Very Light
•    Strong and durable
•    Great for smaller grapplers
•    Nice embroidery - Ezekiel Stitching
•    Breathable when rolling

•    Sleeves a little longer than normal
•    Collar isn't very thick
•    Pants could've been thicker


I’d give it an 8 out of 10.

Park:  180lbs – 6’0”


•    Fairly light weight.
•    Rip stop pants.
•    Very breathable. Stitching done well (no stray strings poking out). Inside is soft and comfortable (no rash guard required)

•    A little plain for my taste.
•    Gi starts to get a little stretchy when gets wet.
•    Don't like the wide range of sizing for the a2 model we tested. 150-190 is kind of a big gap.
•    Had to shrink twice to fit properly.
•    Thin collar.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10.  My suggestions on what this gi can do to improve are add a little more patching, better-reinforced knee and crotch stitching, and make the collar thicker.   This is a decent gi for new comers to the sport.  The price is good at $120, but it would be great at $100.  It seems it would have longevity as a day-to-day training gi, but would be better suited as a competition gi. 


It seems that there were recurring comments from all 3 reviewers.  The gi received high marks for it’s light weight, breathability, inclusion of ripstop pants (which is usually reserved for higher price point gis).   However, we also saw recurring and consistent comments from the reviewers asking for a Thicker Collar, an adjustment in the size chart and for slightly more artistic flair to distinguish itself from other Kimonos. 

AVG Rating:  7.5 out of 10.

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  1. Cool: I like the innovative approach of having three people review it. However, I would disagree that artistic flair is the way to distinguish your gi: there are SO MANY gi companies now, the vast majority of whom just shift colours around and throw on different patches.

    There needs to be more than just slapping on some more patches or slight variations on the colour scheme, IMO. Actually change the gi itself to mark it out as special. E.g., trying different materials, like hemp and bamboo, or some completely new cut, or trouser fastening systems. I'd like to see more focus on function rather than fashion.

    Also, are ripstop trousers really that rare? Most of my gis seem to have ripstop trousers now. E.g, Fenom Lotus ($80), Gorilla 'Hitman' ($89, and the whole gi is ripstop) and Padilla Ultra Light ($100, at least when I got it in 2011).


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