Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We all know that globetrotters are dudes who plays basketball exceptionally well and use hijinks and mischief to beat other, unsuspecting basketball teams.  It's what they do.  They also spin basketballs on their fingers and have that catchy song.

That's what I grew up thinking.  But, I'm wrong.  The globetrotter we speak of today is BJJ's own Christian Graugart.   Christian is the man behind the ShogunHQ blog and has been a staple in the BJJ blog world (I will use the term blogosphere) for years.  He's gained a reputation in our sport for his world travels during which he's trained and competed with some of the in the world. He even wrote a book about it.

Check out BJJ's Globetrotter giving a lesson the finer points of a very solid, staple standing pass.

Okay, maybe this one is the better video for guard passing:

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