Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Indonesia may be the last place you think about when someone mentions wrestling, but in fact it's a place where several styles have existed for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Some of you may be familiar with Southeast Asian Martial arts such as Silat, Krabi Krabong, Lao Muay or any of the other hundreds of native styles to the region. As with every continent and country in the world, Indonesia has it's own sportive grappling art named Mepantigan Wrestling.

The most familiar martial export of Indonesian is the warrior art of Silat. And while most recognize it as a weapon based art, it also contains a wide variety of grappling influenced by India, China, and the Phillipines. Another native art to the area, that has more of a sportive approach, is Mepantigan Mud Wrestling. Since this style of grappling is sport oriented both men and women participate in fights that take place in knee deep rice fields. The rules of this native grappling style includes no kicking, punching, leg attacks, eye attacks, scratching, groin hits, biting, or hair pulling. The lack of leg attacks along with knee deep mud creates quite a challenge for competitors during each of its two five minute rounds. The attacks and throws can easily be compared to those found in Greco Roman wrestling or Olympic Judo and a winner is typically the opponent that can accomplish a throw. Endulge your inner martial nerd and take a look at some native Indonesian ass kicking.

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