Tuesday, July 23, 2013


If you've neglected to notice we love covering techniques that sometimes don't get used as frequently as we think they should. One huge deficiency in BJJ, that we have spoken about before, is the lack of takedowns ( and pulling guard doesn't count.) BJJ players avoid takedowns like celebrities avoid giving their kids normal names - North, Apple and Blanket all come to mind. If one day I have spawn I can assure you they will be named after some inanimate object related to martial arts. Off the top of my head Tatami, Kimono and Wu-tang would be my first three choices.

I'm dead serious, so I can't even use my "on a more serious note" introduction.  

Anyway, Derrick Darling of Welcome Mat Judo is going to show us one of the forty original throws developed by Jigoro Kano - the Tomoe Nage. Derrick shows us how to apply the takedown, and once your opponent hits the mat, he applies the Juji Gatame or otherwise know as the armbar. So watch the video, try it on the mats, and for the sake of Brendan Schaub, stop butt-scooting.

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