Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Do you have a crazy former friend or an Ex that has been threatening to do bodily harm to you? Now your first thought may be a restraining order, but that shit doesn't work in martial arts, you have two choices 1. Run 2. Use your technical knowledge to escape with at least some of your limbs.

Now if you were dealing exclusively with knives, I would choose option 1, if you were highly skilled and willing to loose a limb I would go for option 2. That being said same idea goes for leg locks. We recommend you do your best impression of Brendan Schaub or slip out of dodge like Nate Marquardt.

So our point is don't let some 100lb punk threaten your wellbeing with knives, tasers or heel hooks.

Late last week we showed your how to break your opponents lower limbs 682 different ways. Today we show you the opposite. How to escape those pesky, yet potentially career ending heel hooks. Check out Professor Guirado and his 15 minute instructional for heel hook escapes.

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