Monday, August 5, 2013


Throughout my years of training I have realized what separates higher belts from the "common folk." The difference is not only a wide knowledge base and thousands of hours of mat time, but the ability to smoothly apply a never-ending chain of movements and techniques. An analogy I often use to describe the process of identifying gaps in your game is much like looking at the teeth of a handsaw, we start out very jagged and rough and we have large gaps in our movements and game. For most of us our goal is to lessen those peaks and valleys until one day the saw is completely smooth like the edge of a katana. This is something I've identified in grappling early on and it has forever been one of my main objectives - smoothing and refining.

Budo Fight gear and BJJ Black Belt Lachlan Giles show us a buttery smooth transition from the guard which includes the knee cut pass to a monoplata finish. Lachlan shows us the perfect complement to any guard break that will have you passing and submitting in one smooth movement.

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