Monday, September 30, 2013


Last week Ricardo De la Riva announced his retirement after en epic battle with Yuki Nakai. Master De la Riva has been one of the greatest influences in modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Virtually every "Pro" Jiujitsoka, uses or has used the DLR guard, or its variations, in competition. His guard was truly innovative in a time where only closed existed.  It has spawned an unlimited variety of attacks and sweeps from positions never used before. These positions includes the traditional DLR, Reverse DLR, Berimbolo and so much more. Today we have Brandon Quick showing us a full series moves which includes the DLR, a pass and a fool proof way to mount.

And just a suggestion, these moves along with my beloved DLR guard are amazing, but take some initiative and learn how to shrimp and escape mount before you start working on your "Bolo" game.


  1. You're really hurting your credibility by posting videos of a guy who awarded himself all his belts up to brown, and then bounced around until he found someone willing to hold their nose and give him a black belt.

  2. Martial Arts and in this case (BJJ) has more controversy and drama than any soap opera I may have allegedly seen. While we stay away from the drama, we don't hesitate to mention it to our fans and readers. We have talked about Eddie Bravo, Brandon Quick, Ari Bolden, Josh Barnett, and a ton of other random CACC and grappling guys that have a cloud of doubt surrounding them.

    Quite frankly we don't care.

    If any of these guys learned from VHS tapes (Evan Tanner) or just sat around on the side lines and watched (Bas Rutten, Helio Gracie) then so be it. While we don't condone dishonesty, Brandon Quick puts out some good stuff. His techniques and videos seem on par with someone on an elite level (Black/Brown/Advanced etc.) While neither DSTRYR or I have had an opportunity to train with him, which would truly be the only way of judging him, he has garnered positive attention over the years - one of which is a featured series in Jiu Jitsu Magazine.

    So if we were hating on, or excluding people for possibly giving themselves rank, or shopping around for rank then we would have to exclude people like Keenan. While we believe he has been an amazing grappler for years, we have also heard about some shady happenings with his rank as he bounced from gym to gym before his medal chasing days. Whether that be true or not, we must ask ourselves, Is he one of the best in the world? - Yes! Do we really care about his belt color? No!

    Controversy has surrounded top grapplers for years, look at Vitor Belfort and Ari Farias, what people are saying doesn't make them any less skilled. The same goes for Mr. Quick.

    On some level we need to be judgmental when posting videos. Half of the people we post about have amazing reputations and followings, others are constantly talked negative about, some we have never heard of and a few we have had the opportunity to train with or interview.

    In the end we appreciate your comments and loyalty to the site.

    "There are three topics of discussion that can start an argument in seconds - Religion, Politics and Martial arts"

  3. I'm removing from my bookmarks. I'm not gonna give pageviews to a site that promotes any of the people you've mentioned especially Quick.

  4. Here's Brandon Quick competing in a NAGA tournament as a "brown belt".
    If you can watch that and still think that he's competent to be instructing people, then I have to really question your standards...

  5. I think you are not only overreacting, but also missing the whole point. The post is hardly about Brandon Quick and his merits (or lack thereof) but rather the technique displayed here. And, at least in my opinion, it is also the technique that should be assessed. If it seems like it might work, try it! If you discern serious flaws in it you can always ignore it. But going all ad hominem is very narrow-minded, if you ask me.

    On a sidenote, I would also like to thank this site for providing great videos and being an awesome tool for becoming a better grappler.


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