Friday, September 20, 2013


It may be a little late to "Start" drilling if your mind and heart are set on competing at next weekends No GI Pan Ams. What you can do though is incorporate drilling into your everyday routine or as a part of your active rest schedule. Hell it's even great when you have a nagging injury or just can't seem to make it to class. Drills, like the one shown today, allow you to stay on point, work your techniques and keep your mind and body active. Drills can be just about anything, and for the most part you don't even need a partner for a lot of them. Today Daniel Faggella shows us how to put the pressure work in using a grappling dummy. This is a perfect way to get some extra training in after practice or even at home. What if you don't have a dummy or a partner? Easy - substitute a heavy bag, kicking shield, pilates ball or pillow. It doesn't matter what you use in reality, just go do it and you will undoubtedly see positive results.

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