Monday, September 16, 2013


We realize your real favorite TV show is more likely "Sons of Anarchy" or "Breaking Bad" and not "Braulio's "Tune My Game."   It's cool.  You need that escape - for one hour each week you get to fantasize that you're living life on the edge.  You get to escape from your less adventurous life as a 7th grade Pre-Algebra teacher or a Best Buy customer service representative.  It's all good, grappler.  We understand you.

But, harkening back to the DSTRYR/SG mantra, that grappling combat is truly the most important thing in life, you really must see "Tune My Game."  You and I both know that ever there was a game that needs tuning, it's certainly yours.  Allow Braulio to show the path toward grappling perfection.

So, check out another fin bit of filmmaking from none other than Stuart Cooper (who's all over DSTRYR this week) and learn from the world champ, Estima.

Oh, yeah - and, it's brought to you by Jiu Jitsu Style, Tap Out 101 and us, DSTRYR/SG!

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