Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ssireum, or 씨름, is Korea's very own native grappling sport and it's 100% badass.  Like many traditional or folk wrestling styles from all over the world, the object in ssireum is straight forward - topple your opponent to his knees (or above) and you win.  The match begins in a clinch, with opponents gripping each other at the satba, or traditional belt that wraps around the waist and thigh.  Once it begins, it's all about the takedown.

We've featured many forms of world grappling and wrestling here at DSTRYR/SG and ssireum is one of our favorites.  Like many folk wrestling styles, it's rich in tradition and it's unique form of grandeur.  The techniques are fascinating to the modern submission grappler and a keen eye reveals similarities to judo and modern freestyle (e.g., hip throws and high crotches).  Badass, we say.  And, you do too.  Now, watch a cool video (relax, it's in in English).

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  1. Props for the ssireum primer.

    I lived in Korea for a few years; it was my first exposure to the gi and I didn't have any extra time beyond that for grappling but I used to love watching ssireum on TV.


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