Friday, October 11, 2013


Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Canada and learn from two of the best in their respective arts. Mike Martelle of Grizzly Gym International was hosting a Catch seminar and tourney with Kris Iatskevich of the International Submission Wrestling Alliance. After an amazing seminar and training, the Catch competition started. Fortunate enough for me this was the second CACC tourney I had seen in a month and it did not disappoint. As you can imagine this style of grappling relies very little on the guard and the rules force you to stay off of your back, which lead for high-paced and exciting matches. Mike and Kris were nice enough to collaborate and show us some sweet catch inspired techniques, one from standing and one from sidecontrol. Watch, learn and take notes! Big thanks goes out to these guys and we can only hope more people start training in CACC and CAAC inspired arts!

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