Friday, November 1, 2013


This is the best DSTRYR/SG week ever, grapplers.  It's not that I don't love writing and preparing bitchin' grappling-related material for you on a daily basis.  It's just that we too need time to ourselves.  To reflect on the Jiu Jitsu week and all the choking, armbarring and guard passing we've done.  We need our space, grappler.  So, it's awesome when someone else does the work and we get some of the credit.  Jits Mag, our friends from the North (I'm talking about Canada) do some fine work and we are happy to highlight their material whenever they ask.  Have a look at an excerpt from Volume 11, featuring guest writer, Bear Quitugua of SYR:


A Style All Our Own By Bear Quitugua

During the early incubation period of the BJJ industry, fashions associated with our subculture were still undeveloped, and BJJ didn’t quite have its own style and identity. In the 90’s for instance, one could have counted the few meaningful BJJ apparel and gear brands on two hands. These early days saw a ton of designs based around triangular logos, pit bull graphics and the like, but this was before our subculture began to mature and develop its own unique personality. And so the early brands didn’t have so much to work with in terms of inspiration and trending.

Fast-forward to today, and it’s evident that the community has come a long way in maturing and developing, especially in terms of style and trends. I’d say that many of today’s BJJ apparel brands are heavily influenced by popular street wear brands like Stussy, Undefeated and Supreme. When it comes down to it, a brand with good style all starts with awesome influences, very much like in music. Brands with great mixes of unique influences then go on to develop great art-direction, and in turn to develop great designs.

It’s often all too easy to pull inspiration from other industries and subcultures, and simply replicate the styling with minute tweaks in order to customize for our industry. This style replication is not unique to the BJJ industry, but is the norm in many industries - especially those industries in their infancy. Inspiration and replication are in fact alright, as they then lead to brands making incremental innovations in their designs and styling. These incremental progressions are what ultimately develop, in the longer term, into unique style and trend in any particular subculture. Each and every subculture at one time drew inspiration from an earlier subculture of a different sort that it used as an influence. BJJ is in that very fluid developmental stage as we speak, but it’s clear that we, the members of the BJJ community, are in the midst of creating a super clean and unique style of our own.

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