Tuesday, November 19, 2013


One thing we all try take advantage of while grappling is maintaining our grip, and when you have weak girl hands, your game will indeed suffer. That's why we mention time and time again how important it is to train in a functional manner in addition to your sport specific routines. This is important for both high level athletes as well as the casual grappler. One of the most dynamic and important attributes lies within your grip strength and endurance. Grip strength is something that you can work on almost anywhere throughout your day. Work your grip and relieve frustration while your stuck in traffic, while your waiting for the 2013 ADCC stream to load or while attempting to refresh your Obama Health care signup form.

Grip training is simple, and versatile - if your on a budget borrow a racket or tennis ball, if your Scrooge McDuck, blow some cash on a fancy tension gripper. Remember this fact grapplers, the best way to learn how to grip up your opponent is to learn how to defend against it. That is why today we bring you a compilation of grip strips for your pleasure and performance.

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