Friday, November 22, 2013


We have featured countless grappling arts throughout our years writing on this blog. Our hopes and goals have always been to not only provide exclusive content and grappling tutorials, but also create an awareness of grappling in its thousands of forms. Grappling exists on every continent and in every town, village and provence in the world. In many ways grappling is one of the most primal expressions a human or animal can experience.

In the past we have featured the many unique grappling arts found in the East including those from China. For those martial arts nerds or even casual grapplers, most of what we currently do on the mats has a direct lineage and influence from Indochinese civilizations. Out of the many Chinese grappling styles one of the best known (which is very little) is Shuai Jiao or sometimes called Fast Wrestling. This art amongst the other Chinese grappling arts are not always readily accessible, so that's where we step in.

Today we give you a Shuai Jiao Seminar that recently took place at the Kung Fu Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Watch and learn over 30minutes of Chinese Wrestling in the comfort of your bed.

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