Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ezekiel is a biblical name, but most of us grapplers think of it as something straight from the underworld. The Ezekiel is a bitch to escape especially if you find yourself stuck in mount. You may find your hands occupied while trying to bridge or shoving a knee away from you and - Boom! Your opponent snaps on an Ezekiel. At this moment your in a heap of doo (you feel trapped, bound, confused or maybe even a little nauseous while trying to quickly figure out what is happening) and what makes it worse is your hands are no where near your face, your opponent has a death grip on your neck and he's using every last ounce of weight possible to smash your neck and face.

Some of you newer guys may ask how do I get out of that? Well my first answer is simply, don't get in it in the first place. But that answer doesn't resolve the problem per-say. That's why we have our go to guy Liam, Resident Black Belt at VT1 Academy in Australia give us the do's and don'ts of the position. Listen closely and don't let that whitebelt choke you from inside your own guard - it happens, I've seen it.

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