Monday, December 9, 2013


This was a big weekend for combat sports and of course the UFC kicked it off. While there wasn't all that much grappling on display during Fight Night 33, we do have to mention the the unbelievable Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva fight. If you missed it, order it, download it, stream it, do whatever you need to do in order to watch it. It was by far one of the best fights I have ever seen. What made it even more amazing (Spoiler Alert) both men went on to finish the full 25 minutes. The next closest fight to this (as far as excitement value) would have to be Griffin vs Stephen Bonner, which was unbelievable, but now picture that with two additional rounds and two men well over 250lbs each. A definite must watch if your a combat sports fan.

Secondly, the IBJJF Pro League 2 took place this weekend and $20,000 in prizes were awarded to winners. Some very exciting matches took place, so take a look at the list below for the results:

Rooster / Light Feather / Feather
  • Samir Chantre defeated Rafael “Barata” Freitas (Gracie Barra).
  • Gabriel Moraes defeated Laercio Fernandes (Alliance).
  • Gabriel Moraes defeated Samir Chantre on points and wins the gold medal and $5,000.
Light / Middle
  • Victor Estima (Gracie Barra) defeated Oswaldo “Quexinho” Moizinho.
  • Vitor Oliveira defeated Francisco Iturralde (Alliance).
  • Victor Estima defeated Vitor Oliveira by reverse triangle, wins the gold medal and $5,000.
Middle Heavy / Heavy
  • Jackson de Souza defeated Roberto “Tussa” Alencar.
  • Keenan Cornelius (Atos) defeated Diego Gamonal.
  • Keenan Cornelius defeated Jackson de Souza on points, wins the gold medal and $5,000.
Super Heavy / Ultra Heavy
  • Marcio “Pe de Pano” Cruz defeated Ricardo Evangelista.
  • Gustavo Pires defeated Eduardo Telles.
  • Marcio Cruz defeated Gustavo Pires by armlock, wins the gold medal and $5,000.

On a additional note MMA veteran and former UFC Lightweight Champion, Frankie Edgar earns his BJJ Black Belt from Ricardo Almeida this past weekend. He will be starring on this upcoming season of TUF where he is coaching against BJ Penn. Their impending fight is scheduled for sometime in April of 2014, and it will be the the second time they both meet inside the octagon.


  1. Thanks for the update. However, just wanted to point out it will be the third time Penn and Edgar will meet in the octagon :)

  2. Not related to this post, but you're welcome nonetheless:

    Keenan vs Lister ADCC


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