Thursday, December 5, 2013


Gymnastics are as elegant as they are explosive, much like our beloved grappling and combat arts. The closest connection to the sport itself can be found in none other than Judo.

Every judokas goal is to hit that perfect throw for an ippon and cooly strut off the mat. For many this is the opitomy and essence of sport Judo. If your an avid fan of Judo you already know the sport sometimes has acrobatic feats that look impossiblefor mere humans. I for one can't think of another sport besides gymnastics that contains as many tumbles, rolls, hops and cartwheels as Judo. If your not sure what I am talking about check out the first video below. What some trainers and coaches have done is recognize the similarities between sports and cross train for a more sport specific approach. For years I heard Erik Paulson praise gymnastics as being a huge influence on his martial arts as well as being an amazing training protocol. Think back and you will remember Mr. GSP tumbling, rolling and, vaulting his days away in preparation for his UFC fights.  Gymnastics are the perfect integration of strength and flexibility and most if not all of us want to be better at both of those.

Of course, like a lot of bastardized martial arts, you can get carried away with your training and have it turn into an over-the-top Vaudeville act, but most of you will leave your sequined kimonos at home.

Now watch these superhuman feats in awe!

Impossible Judo

Acrobatics in Judo

Cross Training with Gymnastics

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