Wednesday, December 4, 2013


We praise innovation.  And, you should too. 

Say what you will about 10th Planet and Eddie Bravo, creating grappling techniques that are effective is f*cking awesome and should always be applauded.  Man, I sound like my partner in crime, Demolisher.

I've been training Jiu Jitsu for a really long time, and I'm still unfamiliar with the "electric chair" technique from half-guard as coined and used specifically by Eddie Bravo (we are aware it's outcome is the same or very similar to a CACC banana split).  And, even though my coach would certainly say JJM (that's Jean Jacques Machado to you) was doing something just like that back in the early 90's (and, he's probably right), guys like Eddie have perfected and expanded these techniques and created systems that work for a lot of grapplers.  And we say bravo, Bravo!

Big thanks to BJJ Addict and Louis Ho (10th Planet Montreal [that's in Canada]) for the great technique vid.

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